Detective Brian Swift and socialite Kaylen Roberts return in A Swift Brand of Justice

In the sequel to Indelible, A Swift Brand of Justice finds Brian Swift fighting more than criminals. A slow-healing injury and an invasive psychologist put his career as a homicide detective in jeopardy.

His girlfriend, Kaylen Roberts places their relationship at risk by taking a consultancy position for a charming young would-be restaurateur.

Brian tries to solve the decades-old cold case murder of a neighbor’s son while Kaylen suffers more than lingering PTSD when her former mentor returns to taunt her.

Secrets have consequences, even those buried deep in the past. Read chapter one now!


Night Shadows

Leaving New York's world of haute couture and a bitter divorce in her rearview mirror, Carissa Yates claims an unexpected inheritance—a lighthouse in Maine—after her Aunt Jessica dies in a freak accident.

Carissa soon learns that a copyright dispute and a vengeful and manipulative ex-husband aren’t the only problems she has to deal with in her new life at Treacher’s Cove. The local realtor is pushing her to sell the lighthouse to a developer, her aunt’s death is looking less and less like an accident, and the villagers are hiding their own dark secrets.

Someone starts playing scary pranks on Carissa, her ex moves to the cove, and two local men want relationships with her for very different reasons. Carissa’s in for a very bumpy ride, especially when she draws the attention of a psychotic killer with a grudge.

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